Roberta Beddows


Year 2016 my friends dog was choking on a bone. A very small dog, I picked her up and put my fingers in to get it out. On the way out I got a tiny cut and it bled. (Sepsis and Animal Bites) When I got home I disinfected my finger. Never thinking much about it, approximately 3 days later,  I was in a terrible state: temperature, delirious, vomiting, diarrhea, pain. I dragged myself to the hospital. Told them how I felt. Also about the little cut. They examined me and then sent me home.

I could hardly stand. Taxi home straight to bed. SLEEP. My husband woke me with a cup of tea. He took one look at me. I was covered in a big rash all over my body. He phoned the ambulance straight away. They came and put me on a drip straight away and rushed me back to hospital. I felt I was dying.

I begged the doctor not to send me home. They were unable to say what was wrong so did tests. In the meantime I was put in an isolation ward and give the strongest antibiotic they could give me. I was kept in for one week.

I was very weak and felt terrible. They were still unable to give any answers so sent me home with antibiotics and sent samples of my blood away. 4wks later I had a reply. The cause of my sepsis was a dog bite! On admittance I told the nurse about the bite. However must have not recorded my info. So beware – on no account put your hand in a dog’s mouth. The infection had a very long name.

It has taken me all these years getting over it. Sepsis caused me many problems. I am still in recovery. Lost my job, very nervous, etc., all the time. So please be aware stand your ground. Ask questions. No matter how ill you feel. My sympathy goes out to any one who has sepsis. I feel I am one of the lucky ones. At least I never lost any of my limbs. If you think you might have it, look up all the info. I thank god for my husband who woke me and called the ambulance. I hope my story helps someone. Thank you.

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