Rickey Early


In 2000 I’m became very sick. I called and made appointment with my primary care physician. It took me two weeks. On the day of my appointment I told what my symptoms were and she had EMS take me to ER. This is where the nightmare starts. I was put in mental ward on 5150 hold even as I protested what they were doing.

I was held for 5 days and 2 nights because it was Labor Day weekend. After this I spent the next two years fighting for my life with no one listening to me because I was profiled as mentally unstable. It turns out that I have hemochromatosis and had sepsis. Hopeless teeth. After my teeth were extracted I started to heal but the damage has been done. I now live with major health issues and have been traumatized for the rest of my life. They also did not understand that I was a child survivor of severe child abuse. My life was destroyed by the people I trusted to help me in my time of need. Hope this helps someone else to let them know they’re not alone.

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