Rick Glasco


My son was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis when he was only 29. (Sepsis and Autoimmune Diseases) He had been having some terrible stomach issues and was in lots of pain and getting weaker each day. I had taken him to emergency a couple of times but no answer. He was given blood transfusions n some meds then sent home.

I took him to his primary doctor and right away he said he was going to admit him to the hospital. They called in a gastrointestinal doctor and after many test they agreed it was ulcerative colitis and was put on new meds. He started an IV of steroids to help also. He seemed to be doing much better after 2 weeks and sent home. He was only home a few days when he passed out in bathroom. He had 5 huge blood clots come from him. Looked like kittens lying there.

He was taken by ambulance back to hospital and was given more blood transfusions. Another 2 weeks in the hospital. The doctor hadn’t realized he had a small hole in his upper intestines and sepsis was leaking out. (Sepsis and Perforated Bowel) I knew he had become quiet and didn’t want to eat, watch TV or talk. Even the nurse told him he needed to drink more because his catheter bag was almost empty. He coded that night and an emergency colonectomy was performed. He was on life support for 2 days. He never woke up.

Sepsis killed my only son. He was only 31. He was a hard-working man with many friends who loved God. I get so upset thinking about why no one seen the signs. I had only heard about this horrible condition once years before. People need to be educated. It could save a life.

Source: Sandy Porter (Rick's mother)

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