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Randy Marlowe


My father succumbed to sepsis May 23rd 2019.

During the last 18 years, my father battled 3 massive heart attacks, surpassing any doctors expectations, but leaving him weaker each time. Around Christmas of 2018, my father complained that his back was out, but that he had slipped on water in his kitchen. He was 61 years old, so we just thought he had pulled a muscle. His health started going downhill rapidly, and by Easter, he was visibly ill. As a family we convinced him to see a doctor. He made an appointment and was seen by a GP. They noticed a few things off, but were concerned about cancer. He received a CT scan and x-ray, but his doctor wasn’t sure what was wrong.

On May 22nd, my father wasn’t acting normal. He had gone to his gastro doctor that morning, and no one noticed. But by 6 PM I begged him to go to the ER.

For 6 hours it was a downhill battle. His magnesium, sodium, blood sugar and blood pressure were completely out of normal. Bad news for someone with a pacemaker/defibrillator. He passed away shortly after midnight on May 23rd. His final cause of death was sepsis. With 2 secondary causes sepsis related. Had he only gone to the doctor sooner, or had the doctor placed him on antibiotics, he could possibly still be here. But unfortunately he didn’t make it to the ER before he was already in septic shock.

The signs he had were: fever, bottoming blood pressure, disorientation, and respiratory failure.

Please be persistent, go to your doctor, or get your family member to the doctor.

I miss my father greatly. I knew a little bit about sepsis before we lost him, but never thought it would take his life in 6 hours.

Source: Randi Rosa, daughter

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