Quincy Bayo


Quincy was an athletic healthy 5-year-old boy. During Christmas vacation 2017, he got strep throat and then hurt his knee on his trampoline. (Sepsis and Strep Throat) He, like all boys, had various cuts and scrapes from playing. Quincy woke up on the early morning on January 4th saying his heart hurt. His parents took him to ER and they said he had the flu. That same day in the afternoon he was breathing funny and his parents got concerned and they took him back to ER. The ER doctor thought something was not right and sent him to Phoenix Children’s Hospital ER. There they sent him home and told his mother to not bring him back for 4-5 days; he just had the flu.

The next day Quincy could not walk to the bathroom and was in and out of consciousness. His parents again took him back to ER and again to Phoenix Children’s. There they admitted him and he was intubated and noted his heart rate was decreasing and they started chest compression for 30 minutes while they put him on total life support (ECMO). Quincy was in severe cardiogenic septic shock. It took about 1.5 weeks and Quincy was showing improvement and the ECMO was being decreased when the nurse noted a neurological change and he was taken down for a CT scan and his parents were told he had a significant a brain bleed. He had to be taken off of the ECMO right away and if he survived then he would need brain surgery to save his life. He survived being taken off of ECMO and survived a significant brain surgery with a significant brain bleed.

After weeks of a very quiet environment we started to see signs of Quincy coming back to life. He had to have 6 surgeries on his right knee from the infection that could not be done while he was so critical. He then went to in patient rehabilitation for several months to regain his strength. He now is living with left sided weakness. Quincy was in the hospital for 74 days. He has left sided weakness, some vision and heart damage from cardiogenic septic shock and a brain bleed. He is a survivor and is currently working hard to regain his strength and his life. He turned 6 years old in the hospital January 7th and he was in a coma. We celebrate every day with this remarkable little boy who is our hero. He has such a happy spirit and has taught us all the true meaning of living life to the fullest.

Source: Jaci Phillips, Grandmother