Philip Pike


I am a 59-year-old, who in July 2017 was so ill , my wife had to call the emergency service. After doing all their checks, they blue lighted me to hospital. Lucky for me, in A & E was a doctor who knew right away, what my conditions were.

I was rushed to theatre to be operated on. I was in septic shock- necrotizing fasciitis. (Sepsis and Necrotizing Fasciitis) I was put into a coma, had numerous life saving operations.

I awoke from the coma 7 weeks later, in ICU, with only a very vague recollection of been taken to hospital. Disoriented, in pain, confused, mind running in overdrive. I was told I had had a very serious disease, NF. My kidneys had been damaged. There were that many wires and leads connected to me, I couldn’t move. I spent about 6 weeks in ICU.  I had to learn to eat, sit, stand, and walk, which at the time to me were immense tasks. All information to me was drip fed, for the best for my recovery. Apparently your mind is hyposensitive and fragile, so information is restricted, to aid recovery.

With all my treatments, therapies, medications and equipment to aid and train me, it took roughly 3 months for me finally to be discharged for home! Then I had to adjust to being home.

I am a member sepsis and necrotizing fasciitis support groups. Awareness is the key to both conditions. Hopefully soon they’ll find a cure, or preventive measure to beat it.