Penny Fisher


Posted on December 1st, 2017

I was infected with the Strep A virus 9 years ago. (Sepsis and Strep A) I went to an emergency room after a very high temperature, pain and disorientation made me unable to function. The emergency room doctor prescribed pain meds and gave me a fever reducer and sent me home after hours of waiting and sleeping in the ER.

By the following day I was in full blown septic shock. I was put into a medically induced coma where I fought for my life for 3 months, not coming out of the coma. Every organ was shut down for the first several days and then necrosis set in and my limbs lost oxygen and died.
Somehow I survived by sheer will, however, I unfortunately lost all of my limbs. I am a public speaker for survival and I would absolutely love to help with sepsis awareness. (Sepsis and Amputations)