Pamela Hallett


Posted on January 4th, 2019

Catherine Hallett Wife and Partner

In July of 2017 we relocated to Las Vegas, NV, from our home in Minnesota. This was to be a new beginning, away from the snow and cold to the dry hot desert and beautiful mountains. We moved into our new home and everything was great, until Pam got sick. She is not a complainer and doesn’t tell me things she should, as I take her to the doctor and she doesn’t like to go (things have changed in that department).

In Sept, she got sick, so sick that her heart rate was 116bps resting. The CVS clinic I took her to was staffed by a very good PA, who immediately did a few quick tests and said get her to a hospital, she has sepsis. Being new to Las Vegas, she gave us the location of a hospital, (which didn’t have rooms for overnight guests). They quickly started her on antibiotics, and 6 hours later transported her to their “Full Service” hospital. She remained there for 2 days while they did their magic, and discovered she had a “porcelain gallbladder,” which they needed to remove. She had to undergo stress tests on her heart before they could do the surgery, (1 hour surgery took 2.5 hours).

When the surgery was over they still were getting the sepsis to calm down. She had a total of 5 days in the hospital. What she wasn’t told, is that once you get it, you may get it again, from same or similar infections. So hers started with a UTI, 2 months later she had another illness, which she was prescribed antibiotics for, and she seemed fine afterwards. (Sepsis and Urinary Tract Infections) Then in May, violently ill again, took her to emergency and they told her it was a UTI and septic again. She spent another week in the hospital. She was sick on Monday and didn’t tell me till Thursday another UTI, and more antibiotics. I am so frightened for her, and I know she worries about it too. I still fear she will end up in the hospital.