Nur Syaqiela


My baby, Nur Syaqiela, was born on March 15, 2014, delivered as a normal procedure. She was healthy, weighted 2.81 kg. She had light jaundice and day after day my baby’s growth was very good, until August 30, 2014.

My baby had chicken pox. Some people said, don’t give medicine, because it can interrupt the chicken pox. So during the chicken pox, my baby got fever 38 to 40 degrees Celsius. We went to the hospital and the doctor just gave antibiotics and “felamine.” After 4 days, my baby stomach inflated, became very obvious, so we went to the hospital again.

The doctor put tube into her nose and found gastric juice (green liquid), said my baby needenur_syaqiela_3d to be fasting, so not to feed her. Then the surgical doctor said that my baby’s intestine had a problem, maybe leakage or “broken.” My baby needed an operation and the doctor put in a stoma in her stomach. Her condition was then condition better. After 2 days, her condition dropped. After blood tests, the doctor told me that my baby had sepsis. The doctor operated for a second time to check the condition of her intestine. Now my baby was having problems with her lungs and kidneys, but doc still treated my baby, gave antibiotics.

Now my baby is in ICU in Malaysia. I hope you pray for my daughter who is now suffering sepsis.

Source: by Mohd Salim (Nur's father)