Nick Sieverding


Nick had a hip replacement on June 22, 2022 and died from sepsis on September 16.2022. He was 69. After the surgery, the hospital didn’t provide any rehab. Then they sent him to a nursing home/rehab center in late August. That place didn’t really do much rehab either. The problem was that he couldn’t bend his leg, his knee was fused because of a car accident when he was 20. That made it hard to get him out of bed. (Sepsis and Long-Term Care)

The bed was only a twin and he couldn’t roll over because it was too small for him. So he was just laying in bed and got bed sores. (Sepsis and Pressure Ulcers/Injuries) I wasn’t thinking about sepsis. He said he expected to get better. He had a fever on Labor Day weekend — the facility was short staffed and didn’t do anything. He was clammy and weak.

On Tuesday a family friend who had graduated from medical school tried to get him to be released to take him to an emergency room. He tried to move him in a wheel chair van but Nick was incoherent and scared the driver so they moved him in an ambulance instead. Because he was in the ambulance we couldn’t take him to a major hospital — the ambulance took him to the closest place. The next day another ambulance took him to the hospital that had done the surgery because the major hospital wouldn’t take him. He never recovered consciousness and died 10 days later.

Source: Kay Sieverding, widow

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