Murray Walz

Murray Walz

Christmas morning 2018 I woke up feeling great, excited. My son is 2 and a half and this year and he understands Santa and Christmas. Half way through opening gifts I started to feel tingles in my legs. Over the next few hours they enveloped my entire body. My wife took me to the hospital and over the next 6 hrs they confirm it’s not my appendix. (That’s all they looked at) I was sent home told to take OTC painkillers to keep the fever at bay and rest and relax.

2 days later my wife and son are out grocery shopping, I’m at home in bed and I know something is very wrong. I call her to pick me up and bring me to the hospital.

My upper left chest hurt every time I breathe in. I am admitted and put on a rapid access unit with community acquired pneumonia. (Sepsis and Pneumonia) 3 hrs later I am admitted to the ICU, a central line is put in and I am induced into a coma for the next 6 days. Septic shock had set in. My wife was told to call all my friends and family so they could come and say goodbye. My ICU doctor told my sister I wouldn’t survive the next 48 hrs.

I survived, I SURVIVED!!

It hasn’t been that long but I think PTSD is starting to set in. I can’t sleep, and just before I fall asleep I am jolted awake, this happens 5+ times a night before I get to sleep. I hope this gets better, but at least I am alive to see if it does. (Sepsis and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)