Misty Hanna

Misty Hanna

I had gotten sick with what my doctor stated was a normal cold. I never got better and after a few weeks I started having little pulling pains in the right side of my chest. I went to the ER and was told I had a sinus infection, and to take these medicines if not better return to the doctor.

I didn’t get better. I got worse. I had trouble breathing and a rapid heart beat. I got up the morning of August 10th to go to work and I was sluggish, felt like I had the worst cold of my life. I went in to work and don’t remember a lot other than freezing. I asked my mom to come take me to the ER. When she arrived she asked me if I wanted to go home and rest. I said no, I feel really bad.

We get to the ER and they admitted me right away. The doctor asked if my blood pressure was normally low , I said no, I’m average. He said well, your heart rate is 138 and your b/p is 74/63 . The lab came in took blood and within 10 minutes, I had a lady coming to do a CT scan. I said, why do I need a scan for a cold . She said some of your blood work indicates you may have clots. Nothing was found in the scan but the hospital called a code sepsis. I looked at the nurse and said oh that’s bad I feel sorry for that person and about 10 doctors and nurses came into my room and told me I had sepsis and needed to be moved to ICU.

I don’t remember much from that first night. It’s like I blacked out and woke up in ICU. It wasn’t til a few months ago that I was reading my hospital papers and found out my lungs collapsed that night. Very scary experience. I live in fear that this can happen again.