Mike T.


After working as a paralegal on the defense side of medical malpractice cases I was very familiar with sepsis and the early symptoms. My stepdad Mike had a catheter inserted and wasn’t supposed to see the doctor to have it removed for several days. I called my Mom to see how he was feeling. She said his temperature had dropped significantly below normal and he was cold and shivering. I immediately thought – sepsis.

My Mom called an ambulance and he was seen in the ER where he was found to be septic. He had a PICC line placed. My Mom was relieved and thought everything would be fine. I explained to her that he wasn’t out of the woods. A short time later his blood pressure bottomed out and we almost lost him. He spent 5 days in the ICU. We are so thankful he had no after effects and most of all – that we still have him.

Source: Sheri, Mike's stepdaughter