Michelle B.


I am sepsis survivor. My story was a whirlwind that seemed like a movie. On the 13th of May 2019, I called an ambulance to my flat, as I was bleeding at 30 weeks pregnant. (Sepsis and Pregnancy & Childbirth) After being rushed to the hospital, I was rushed to the theatre for an emergency C-section. Fast forward, the surgeon told me they took out a full placenta with infection. My son survived and never caught it.

Fast forward few days later, I started deteriorating and had numerous tests done, during which they realised the infection had spread throughout my whole body, including fluid on the left brain (which was bizarre). I had multiple seizures, which the doctors told me about later. I was rushed into emergency brain surgery to drain the fluid. The operation was successful, but I failed to wake up for nearly a week. I woke up with minor stroke weakness on the right side of my brain, arm, and leg, so I was bed bound for three weeks. I stayed in the hospital for three months for treatment and supervision, and started physio after three weeks of being bed bound, as I couldn’t do anything.

The doctors, nurses, and my specialist worked so hard to get me back on my feet. I am so grateful that both Edinburgh & Kirkcaldy Hospital – they really helped me when I was sick. Sepsis nearly took my life. I am raising awareness to help others and also let you know that you are not alone. I’m grateful I recovered so quickly and well. If you ever notice any signs, please rush to the hospital whilst it’s still early.