Michael Peacock


Feb 2, 2020, was the day that changed my life. I have no memory of it, or roughly 3 years prior to it, but I defiantly changed. That night, my wife found me unresponsive on the floor of the bedroom and called 911. I had been at the hospital for roughly 15 minutes when she arrived, but I was already on a ventilator and in critical condition.

Over the next few days, my kidneys were shutting down, causing congestive heart failure and other issues. I was on an “antibiotic cocktail” , to fight the infection, and the double pneumonia that developed. I laid in the ICU in a coma, and after 14 days the doctors told my wife I may not wake up. On day 16 I woke up, or, opened my eyes, and started breathing on my own. During this time, I developed pressure sores on my buttocks and tailbone. I remained in the ICU for another 10 days before being transferred to a nursing facility for the C-Def treatment from the antibiotics

It has now been 14 months since I came home, and 3 months since the pressure sores have healed. But healing is far from over. I have a hard time with short term memory, which bothers me the most. I remember fine details from 30 years ago, but not my children’s births or life events, my wedding, or how to get around town. Sleep is very difficult, I average 3-4 hours at a time, and nap 2-3 times per day. Emotions are all over the board. I find myself crying over nothing, and losing my temper easily.

I have faith that I will continue to heal in time, I hope it is sooner than later. My wife and kids have been great, taking me where I need to go and such. Thanks to this site, I don’t feel so alone anymore.

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