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Megan Wood


25/26/6/2011 My mother fell down stairs at home and was conveyed to a local hospital. Following treatment she was released to her home 0n 8/8/201. After 4 hours she fell and fractured her hip, and returned to the local hospital.
(Following tests found to have MRSA in her nose, throat, axilla, stomach and perineum. Family not informed)

Eventually conveyed to another local hospital, where she developed pneumonia.
Transferred to a residential care home with no medical conditions, stopping who going into care. (22 medications)
Whilst at care home developed bed sores grade 1- 4 and, family not informed. The doctor called in 4/9/2012.
Conveyed to local hospital with stomach pains over the weekend.
Died two days later, from a perforated bowel, peritonitis, old age, stage 3 kidney failure, ischemic heart disease. Septic shock.

Source: Paul Hallam Wood

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