Mckenzie O.


Mckenzie (9 yr old) went in for a scheduled surgery on Feb. 22, 2018. To make a long story short, about a week later, she still wasn’t getting better, and her respirations started climbing. (Sepsis and Surgery) She was asking us to put ice on her legs…saying she was really “hot” inside. Fever started climbing. She was rushed into Emergency Surgery on March 3, as we watched life literally being sucked out of her. The length of surgery told us something was really wrong. When the doctor asked us if we believed in God and we assured him that we did….the next sentence was horrifying: “Please pray then because He’s the only one that can save her now. We’ve done all we could”. His face told me that they had, too.

She was in PICU for 17 days. They kept her asleep for almost all of it, watching her body fight was something I’ll never forget. She spent 51 days total from start to finish. Once they woke her up in PICU, she had to learn to stand, feed herself, and walk all over again (muscles were asleep for so long). Since then, she has had eyesight issues, has neurological issues, and increased anxiousness. Due to her type of surgery and the outcome that happened due to the septic shock (she had a colostomy bag placement, and has now had it reversed, but “bathroom issues” still happen), she has had to quit school and enroll in online public school. She is a fighter though, and I’ve watched her come back from this, when nurses and doctors didn’t even think she would. We go back to visit the staff that was so amazing, and they all, with open arms, yell “Miracle Girl!” We continue to see specialists as new symptoms appear. One day there will be no more need…..but until that time, she will continue to grow, and she will continue to fight.

Sepsis and Children

Source: Melissa (Grandmother)