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Mary Bell


On August 2nd my mom, Mary Conner Bell, went to the emergency room with a 104 temperature. After many tests and scans we finally found out she had sepsis and an infection in her spine. This led to many months in the hospital, 2 spine surgeries, dialysis, multiple CT and MRI scans, ventilator, blood/plasma infusions and other complications.

She lost feeling below her waist, her organs started to shut down, her blood pressure dropped significantly, and she developed confusion and disorientation. She ended up fighting the sepsis for 89 days until her body decided on the morning of October 30, 2021 that it could no longer fight and she passed away. It took weeks for the doctors to figure out what was going on, this is why I want to help raise awareness so others who suffer from sepsis can get the treatment they need faster so it doesn’t turn into septic shock like in my mom’s case.

Source: Amelia Bell - daughter

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