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Marjorie Golden


Sorry if this is long and ranty. This what happened to my beautiful Mama. The doctors told my mom in late 2013 she had what they called a wall of hernias on her right side near her hip. She wanted the surgery done, but her gastroenterologist told her she had a nasty rash under her stomach, and if he did the surgery, it could be fatal. Five years later, they still hadn’t done the surgery, and she kept throwing up and going to the hospital just to be sent back home.

2019 and almost all of 2020, they didn’t bother her until December 14th of last year. She was throwing up again and called 911 and was finally scheduled for hernia surgery two days before Christmas. The surgery went fine. But then she couldn’t walk and was very dizzy every time she laid on her side. She was diagnosed with blood clots in her lungs because of the surgery.

We later found out she also had one in the legs. She went to rehab for three and a half months. Come home on March 25th; on April 3rd, she was very lethargic and went back to the hospital to find out she had severe dehydration. Come home on April 7th and was ok until the 17th; she fell out of her wheelchair, and we call 911 for the last time. She was in the ICU for 16 days; we signed her over for hospice care on May 4th, only to be called at 2’o clock in the morning to be told she didn’t make it; she passed at 10:09 pm on the 4th. I want to know why the doctors and nurses didn’t tell me she had sepsis; I would have told them to keep her in the ICU and make sure she is comfortable. They didn’t tell me what was wrong with her; they thought she might have had acute leukemia as well.

I didn’t know what was wrong with her until I read the death certificate. Her poor body couldn’t take anymore. RIP, Mama. I hope you didn’t suffer too long. I love and miss you forever ;( January 16th, 1947- May 4th, 2021. I shouldn’t have had to read from the death certificate she had sepsis. The hospital that treated her screwed up with her and us too much. I hope only others don’t go through this. It hurts that you knew and never told her or me! Mama, I hope you went to heaven on eagles wings like you always wanted, like one of your favorite hymns. Thank you for reading this.

Source: Marjorie M, Golden, daughter

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