Lochlin DeSantis

On January 20th of 2020 our 5-year-old son Lochlin passed away from flu – sepsis. (Sepsis and Influenza) Saturday he was tired with a low grade fever and some minor body aches. By Sunday he was feeling much better and was up playing with his brothers, until Sunday night he took a turn for the worst. We took him to an urgent care where he was diagnosed with influenza type A and mild dehydration. Monday afternoon January 20th, 2020 he passed away from flu – sepsis. Since then it has become our mission to spread the love Lochlin had for life to as many people as possible. Lochlin was always smiling, loved animals, and loved his friends and family. He would always bring toys to school to give to his friends and loved playing sports with his brothers. He had such a big heart, and we want to continue spreading his love and joy for life through the Nonprofit we’ve created in his name.

As we continue to grow, we have one simple goal in mind, and that is to prevent the deadly impacts of infectious diseases such as the flu in our community. No one should have to experience the pain our family has been through from a vaccine preventable disease. Which is why it is our mission to prevent, educate, and drive awareness to how serious influenza and other infectious disease like it can be!

We also know that our strength lies not only in the words we stand by, but most importantly through the actions of our initiatives. Which is why our organization is determined to make a difference and win the battle against infectious diseases in the name of our son, Lochlin DeSantis.

Since then, One of our core mission is to protect as many people as possible from the flu. The best way for us to do that is to go into the community and provide free flu vaccines to people that do not have the means to get one. Through this initiative we can fight the flu at the ground level and really work to reduce its ability to spread in our communities. However, this is no easy feat, but with cooperation and community support we have been able to conduct these clinics in neighborhoods and really make an impact in our community! Our Goal is to scale this initiative to the national level helping protect as many people as possible!

Source: Brooke DeSantis Mother

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