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Lisa Dillingham


My daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 2 in July of 2018. She had undergone 2 chemo sessions with no adverse affects besides losing her hair. (Sepsis and Cancer) One day not too long after her last chemo treatment, she began to have problems with bloating, but not painful, just uncomfortable. The next morning she had severe vomiting and diarrhea with a temperature of 106.

She managed to call her husband and son to come help her. By the time they got her to emergency they discovered she was in sepsis. She was put into an induced coma. The next day she went into septic shock and passed away. She was only 50 and left 3 teenage children. It was a horrible thing to see her lying there all bloated. If you suspect sepsis, call 911 immediately. It moves extremely fast and is brutal.

Source: Dona Dillingham, mother

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