Larry W.


My husband spent 15 hours in ER at local hospital surrounded by sick covid people before being seen. Admitted with sepsis from a urinary tract infection after 20 hours of waiting. (Sepsis and UTIs) Negative PCR test. Administered morphine as pain was that bad. Loaded up with antibiotics and discharged in 36 hours or less because needed his bed for covid. Within week BP tanked, temp rose, liver and kidneys failed, heart functioning at less 20%.

Doctors and specialists ignored pleas for help. Drove hour and half in horrendous rain storm to another facility begging for help. Larry coded and tested POSITIVE due to proximity of covid in ER. (Sepsis and COVID-19) They loaded him up with remdesivir and intubated twice, where he went into shock right after remdesivir. Disconnected life support a day later. Because of Governor executive mandates supporting Covid, no malpractice allowed. If they had kept him longer when first diagnosed sepsis, he probably would be alive today. Negligence killed my husband.

Source: Carol W, wife

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