Kristina Burchfield


April 2018 was a scare I will never forget. I had a kidney stone removal surgery on a Friday and then starting to feel ill on that Monday. (Sepsis and Kidney Stones, Sepsis and Surgery) I figured, hey it’s just a bug but felt worse that night and thought maybe it’s a kidney infection because of the high fever, the doc said go to ER immediately.

ER said all kidneys, bladder, UTI all negative and normal so probably a bug and sent me home with some fluids in me. They said if you feel worse on Thursday then see your PCP. Well on Thursday I did feel worse so went to see my PCP. They noticed right away my BP was 70/58. They asked if it was norma.l I said no I have high BP,  so she wanted to do a CBC and check my blood count. But the machine wasn’t working so she said go home and I will call you with the results .

As my mother-in-law drove me home, my eye sight was not good and I didn’t think much of it . After I got home my PCP said try to get to a ER immediately, you have sepsis and I think you’re going into shock. She just reminded me to not go to sleep because I won’t wake up! I freaked!!! Somewhat cried!!!

At the hospital they had three doctors working on me and 6 nurses and had 6 IVs in my arms . They said they were shocked I was able to walk into the ER because my BP at arrival was 50/38 . I was in the ICU only for one night, which shocked them how fast I improved with starting out in septic shock. Then I was in a regular room for one night . They let me go home on day 3 because all looked improved but my fight didn’t there . I felt horrible for months and had post sepsis syndrome and I had to be put on Lyrica so I could walk. It’s coming up to a year next month and I still have my days but thankful for my PCP for figuring it out and my family rushing to take me to the hospital.