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Kevin Kovalski

Kevin Kovalski

I had been feeling flu-like for about 6 weeks. Off and on, would take OTC stuff, feel better, get sick again. Didn’t go to the doctor just figuring it would take care of itself. One morning I get up to let the dog out and I’m in a total fog, very weak, coughing green phlegm (yuk)… feeling hungover even though I hadn’t had anything alcoholic. I called 911 for an ambulance. I didn’t want really bother my wife or her mom who was visiting for Xmas and they had plans that day.

I went to hospital thinking that a couple of IVs and be home for dinner. I barely remember the next 6 hours. I remember a doctor checking me out and ordering the nurse to call OR and ICU and be ready. Remember being wheeled into OR. remember being in recovery and my sister called telling me I had sepsis. Remember asking my wife to help me.

I woke up with my sister and my wife leaning over me. I remember a nurse coming in saying she was glad to see me awake and did I know what day it was. I didn’t. It was 2 more surgeries and 10 days later. Don’t remember a thing. A day later I got transferred to a larger hospital and on new year’s eve day having another surgery removing parts of my lung that still had abscesses. I spent a month in the hospital and 3 more months learning to walk and live again. Today, I now have CKD [chronic kidney disease] stage 3 and liver damage. I’m on total disability (I’m 51).. although not diagnosed, I feel some PTSD and days where I’m very down. I have a friend who went through something similar so I can at least talk to him. I don’t think my wife really understands. At least this Xmas I’m here and really enjoying gift buying and giving to my family. I hope all of you can feel the same!! Keep your heads up, keep going!!

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