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Kevin J.

Kevin J.

What was thought to be stomach flu turned out to be appendicitis. (Sepsis and Appendicitis) Many thanks to the emergency room for suspecting the signs and immediately responding! In my delirium, I didn’t fully understand the severity of being in septic shock – namely when I was told I may need to be on dialysis if I were to survive.

I’m very fortunate to have survived and with healthy, fully-functioning kidneys.

I’d been told that my healthy diet and regular exercise bought me a little more time, otherwise I may not be here today. The many doctors and specialists who visited me in my subsequent days in the hospital were amazed how well I came through such dire situation.

It’s been a long recovery process (over one year and counting), but I’ve been determined to keep my health and made a promise to re-evaluate my life and what is important.

I don’t think I’ll fully understand how severe my situation was like the way those around me saw and understood. I thank all the hospital personnel who all were relentless in their effort to heal me.

Thank you.

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