Karen Moore


This is not a motivating post nor is it a pretty post! However it is a post to bring about awareness to a deadly and oftentimes fatal life threatening illness!

It is the reason behind the “WHY” I do what I do! It is because of sepsis I’m so passionate about my health and that of others. Over the last 9 years sepsis has reared its ugly head twice in my life. In 2009 I lost my husband, soulmate, business, partner and Bestie (Yes, he was all of that) to sepsis.

In 2016 my life was altered yet again as I was now staring this ugly illness square in the face. The only reason that I’m here today is that I fought for my life. My kidneys started to fail and shut down, my blood sugar level shot through the roof! My blood count totally abnormal. Fevers, chills, diarrhea, depression and the worst pain imaginable! All I can say is But God! He saved me. 🙏🏼🙏🏼

I don’t recall when I became full blown septic. I remember that I got a cold on Christmas day in 2015. That cold progressed into bronchitis, which I fought all of December. Then an unexplained abscess reared its ugly head. I have had a couple in the past but none that were the size of grapefruit. I tried treating it at home with natural remedies. They had worked in the past and I felt that they would work again. Boy was I wrong. Finally, I went to the ER on February 1st. Within 2 hours they had diagnosed and admitted me. Later that evening I was in the OR having surgery.

When the nurses informed me that I was septic I just lost it. My husband died from it and surely, I was going to lose my life as well. Talking about being frightened.

After nine days in the hospital, surgery, a PICC line, 15 days at home on an infusion pump that administered high doses of antibiotics 24/7, I was grateful to be alive. Once I returned home all I could do was take baby steps towards recovery. It wasn’t pretty, but I lived to be able to tell my story and share my testimony.

It’s not something I like to talk about. As a matter of fact, the aftermath still affects me daily and some days hurts me to the core. I survived and won but my husband did not!

Sepsis is a life-threatening illness caused by your body’s response to an infection. Your immune system protects you from many illnesses and infections, but it’s also possible for it to go into overdrive in response to an infection. Sepsis develops when the chemicals the immune system releases into the bloodstream to fight an infection cause inflammation throughout the entire body instead. The FACTS: Over one million cases of sepsis occur each year and up to half of the people who get sepsis will #die! 😢😢
Sepsis is mean! It’s ugly and it’s REAL! For me I liken sepsis to breaking up with an awful boyfriend, yet he keeps coming back.

Sepsis has been my greatest source of pain but also my greatest strength because it birth out resiliency, tenacity and purpose. This dreadful illness caused me to take responsibility for my health and wellness. I’m now in school and being trained to become a Certified Health Coach. I’m now a Wellness Advocate and my goal is to help educate and teach others about the unfortunate destruction that sepsis can leave behind.