Juveriya Khan


Posted on October 5th, 2018

Hi..my name is Juveriya Khan. I am a divorcee and I had an abortion 2 years back. Since then I was not feeling well in my stomach. I started to feel heart palpitations in December 2018, then in May 6, 2018, I had fever in the morning.  I was attending my teacher’s training. I told my mom that I am not feeling well today.

At school during training also I was not feeling well so I came back early at home and went to the hospital. The doctor prescribed me some antibiotics and told me to do a CBC. Then at same night, my CBC report showed high WBC count, but since I was outpatient I was supposed to show my blood report next day. I just took one antibiotic instead of 2, which doctor has prescribed.

The same night I had intense shivering and fever. I almost had 4 thick blankets on me and after some time, I was sweating profusely. My body was cold. Then at noon I went to same doctor. He admitted me and said I have blood infection. I was discharged after 7 days and given lots of antibiotics and still after 4 months, I’m having that heart palpitation and struggling with weakness and pain. I don’t know how long I am going to survive.