JonyRose Filip


Another beautiful person taken by sepsis. JonyRose Filip, Born January 24, 1987. My daughter died March 21, 2010.

JonyRose was an inspiring fashion photographer that budded her career in her home town of Austin, TX. At 22 she was awarded Best Fashion Photographer-Peoples Choice at the first annual Austin Fashion Week.  Given the opportunity to follow her dream, she moved to Miami, FL. Once there she bloomed. An article in Fashify Magazine was written about her fresh new approach to the Miami fashion scene. She was getting noticed just walking down Ocean Dr! Models, make-up artist, fashion designers and other locals were wanting to meet and work with this up and coming artist from TEXAS….not NY or CA, but TEXAS! And from WEIRD Austin to boot! (pun intended) Yes, her career was moving right along and getting very exciting! She was always on the go. She lived each day to it’s fullest!

By February, 2010 she was requested to be one of the fashion photographers at a benefit fashion show to help Haiti. March 20, 2010 she shot her first Fashion Show. Her Dream was visualizing, this was maybe her big break! New York & California here she comes!

She was dead within 12 hours. She died alone in a hotel room on Miami Beach. She had been fighting a urinary tract infection (UTI) for weeks. (Sepsis and Urinary Tract Infections) CODE: SEPSIS

All the “should of”, “could of” thoughts fill my mind. All the “if only” solutions beat me down everyday.

To all that have had to experience this killer. I want you to know I am another advocate out here! I have to get the word out to all young women!

Therefore, JonyRose’s friends, family & collegues are arranging a tribute benefit Fashion/Art Show. “ART OF THE ROSE”. A tribute to JonyRose, to benefit SEPSIS awareness.

I’m so excited, I feel now I have some purpose! I will have the audience of 100s of young women during this event! But as we all know, this is a charity event, and I have to depend on the donations and contributions that I can find.

I would love any advice & guidance.

Source: by Delian Filip (JonyRose's mother)