Jesus Montero


My story began in Tijuana, Mexico. I went for a fun weekend to enjoy an uncle’s birthday and it went south towards the end of the night. I was beaten and robbed by security and Mexican police then thrown in jail. This jail was disgusting and I was full of scrapes and cuts which I believe could have caused the sepsis. When I came back to the US I went to the doctor’s and found out I had a fractured rib. (This was on Monday) The fractured rib could have been another cause for an infection.

Next thing you know I have a horrible fever Thursday at 2am, I was disoriented, having trouble breathing, and my heart rate was out of control. I rushed to the ER and luckily the same doctor from Monday recognized me because I had a red eyeball from a blood vessel that popped the night I was robbed and beat up. They gave me all kinds of antibiotics and was in the hospital a couple nights. These nurses saved my life, I literally felt like I was dying. It has now been a month since this incident and I am no where near 100%. I am currently trying to figure out what kind of help I actually need. Not sure if it’s physical or mental help, but before this I had no idea what sepsis was. So for anyone going through this, I hope you get back to your normal lives. I pray you get back to 100%. And I’m sorry for anyone that has lost a loved one to this thing they call sepsis 🙁

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