Jess Livett


After giving birth to my daughter via emergency c-section I got an infection in my womb but the midwifes and doctors failed to treat the infection and sent me home when my crp levels where 391. (Sepsis and Pregnancy & Childbirth) I then had to call an ambulance to my home as I couldn’t move, shivering and felt very out of the room.

Got sent back to hospital where the infection had worsened and was told I had sepsis. I was on many many antibiotics as nothing was touching it after 7-8 weeks of antibiotics my levels went back to normal. This affected my mental health so badly as I had to raise my daughter in hospital by myself for the first two weeks of her being born. I couldn’t do much as I was in so much pain I got postpartum depression. Which affected the bond between me and my baby. Sepsis ruined the first moments with my baby and I will never get over that. 6 months on me and baby are now doing better than ever and I couldn’t love her more even if I tried

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