Jane Pennington


I had two major back surgeries 5 months apart, the last one being April 2015. Less than three weeks later I was in excruciating pain throughout my entire body. (Sepsis and Surgery) Paramedics came and transported me to our local hospital on a gurney because I couldn’t walk. The paramedics thought I appeared to have a blood infection and said I had an extremely high fever. My symptoms were so severe that evening that my children didn’t think I would make it through the night. I was not started on antibiotics or IVs until sometime later, losing precious time.

The sepsis was severe enough that it created large holes in the rotator cuffs of both shoulders and both bicep tendons are also torn. Both knees were septic and both knees and shoulders were drained in the hospital.

The worst pain is in my left foot. Walking any more than 10 feet is now incredibly difficult and painful and I use a cane and a walker because of the balance problems that have ensued.

I was hospitalized for five weeks and had to learn to walk again. I had to be fed and even learn to write my name. My children were also told I had Dementia, but my G.P. told me later that I probably had delirium from being in the ICU. The neurologist told them I would continue to get worse and would no longer be able to drive, so my children sold my car. They were told I would never recover and could no longer care for myself. My children were just 24 hours away from placing me in an Assisted Living home. When taking a neuropsychological test to see the extent of damage, I could only name one animal. While in the hospital, I had extensive physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy. My knees are now deformed due to the severe joint damage. Walking has become my ultimate goal.

I have tried many medications, stem cell therapy, platelet rich plasma and so far nothing has even touched the pain and inflammation. My fibromyalgia has also worsened, making everything worse. I also have terrible back pain. My rheumatologist will probably put me on biologics at my next visit. I am praying for a good result.

A side note for anyone who has not read or heard about this: there is a pulmonary/critical care doctor, Dr. Paul Marik, in Virginia, who has come up with a procedure which worked on all 150 patients he tried it on and they all left the hospital in a matter of days. It is an injection of hydrocortisone, vitamin C and thiamine. That was two years ago so I don’t know if any other doctors are using it now.

I pray all of you who have lost someone you love (or if you are suffering from complications from this horrible disease) will experience a healthier future.