Jamie S.


In May of 2023 I was told by a walk in office I had a UTI. (Sepsis and Urinary Tract Infections) I took the antibiotics like I was instructed to do so. 2 weeks later the symptoms are still there. But now I’ve gotten to a point where I have a 104 fever. I’m losing my ability to function mentally. My body feels weak. I can’t eat. I’m in extreme pain all through the right side of my abdomen. I got the ER.

The waiting room was slap full. After about an hour I go home. I wait 2 more days and things are just getting worse. I go back. I’m rushed directly back. My blood pressure is 87/44 and heart rate 130. Within 1 hour they inform me I am septic and won’t be leaving the hospital and if they can’t raise my blood pressure I am going to icu. Yesterday. My last day in the hospital, was eventful to say the least. I clearly didn’t know about the side effects of having sepsis. I snapped. I went off on the security the nurses, the doctors. Some rightfully so. Others not so much. Now I have to see several new doctors. So this doesn’t reoccur. It was the worst most painful confusing part of my life. I still have no clue how I got sepsis. The CDC doctor can’t find the source.

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