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Gouri Joshi


Gouri – my daughter age 33 left us last year in July 2021 due to sever sepsis condition.

So instead of talking to you guys I prefer to give summary of her hard life. I took her to Europe, USA, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia , Thailand etc with my wife. My daughter Gouri was case of spina bifida. (Sepsis and Spina Bifida) At the age of 40 days she was operated to close the spinal tail. So soon after birth we went through this situation.

She did not have stool or urine control. Due to this when we went for school admission they rejected the admission. She was quite intelligent. Through municipality we got admission in same school where she was rejected earlier. She studied from 1-7 in Malad, Mumbai school like any other child. We moved to Thane in year 2000 so she got admission to new school in Thane where I stay. She completed her 10th with first class. She went for B.Sc with zoology and completed with distinction marks. For M.SC. she stayed at my brother at Kalyan 30 km away from my place since the subject she wanted was not available. Completed M.SC. with 70+ marks.

Her left foot had wound and doctor could not understand her case. This wound was in her left foot. More then 4-5 years resulting in twisting the foot into 90 degrees. She had UTI so she was operated in 2007. After that she had better urine and stool control. She was operated for left leg in 2012.

She was working in gym as dietitian and also privately. She started making diet products and brand name and gain good customer base.

In 2018 we found boy who was physically handicap due to road accident and she was married with him. They married on 7th July 2018. Since June 2021 she was unwell with haemoglobin dropping, lower BP some UTI etc. She was in hospital for 14 days in June and came home. Again around 20th July haemoglobin drop to 5.8 and infection increased. The hospital where she was admitted could not understand the case. The one she was admitted in June was not having bed available. Finally we lost her due to doctor lack of knowledge and experimentation on 29th July 2021.

Most of the doctors are not having knowledge of the subject like spina bifida. No one told us that she will not have sensation to her lower body from end of spinal cord.

I would like to help any one having child with spina bifida defect so that they will not see what we saw in our life.

Source: Gajanan Joshi, Father

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