Elaine Bullock


It was 2021, I went to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned. I felt great I took my grandkids to the zoo. My youngest daughter was graduating from college and we had a big celebration planned.

I remember being out in the yard picking weeds and I had this funny odor in my nose. I just felt like I was smelling sewer after looking around. I realize that maybe I had an infection so I called my doctor and he put me on anabiotic. A few days later, my leg started to hurt. I wasn’t running a fever. My children say I was a little confused. I remember going to bed at night with this a pain in my groin and legs. Walking was unbelievable and the pain was getting worse. (Sepsis and Dental Health)

I went to one hospital, who watched me laying in bed screaming in pain and told me there was nothing wrong with me and sent me home later that night. I went to a different hospital and thank God, they ran tests. It took him hours and hours to figure out what was going on, and by the time I was just begging to die, the pain was excruciating. I couldn’t take it any longer. I didn’t want to live anymore.

They were able to schedule surgery for the next morning but they told my family they weren’t sure I was going to make it by this point I didn’t care I wasn’t even sure what was wrong with me. I was so out of it. Thanks to the knowledgeable doctors at this hospital they saved me and by the next day I was feeling great as if nothing happened.

I didn’t know if that time if the fear would stay with me the fear of getting sick of getting an infection, and I live with this fear every day.
January 16 I go in for hip replacement, they seem like that has sepsis and I’m so scared.

My heart goes out to all the survivors out here and your families
My things goes out to the doctors and the nurses that listen to patients and their families without these people we would not be around to tell our stories.

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