Donna M.

Donna M.

Well it’s been since Feb. 20, the day I never will forget. My dad had sepsis and although he had a lot of other things wrong with him and had nurses, his kidneys failed and he died Feb. 20.

I went to change his insulin needle and got a needle stick. I already had a cold and other things wrong. I called 911 and although my daughter is a CNA who is living with me, they said I had the flu well. I could not walk and was so weak my sister took me to the hospital.

I was admitted with sepsis. M y dad died while I was in the hospital. I have COPD already. (Sepsis and COPD) My lungs were affected. I keep getting infection after infection. My dad’s birthday is today. I miss him so much. I can’t imagine the pain he must have went through being 86. Although I survived I have many questions about this awareness between medical professional and EMS trying to make judgement calls on myself and my father. My heart goes out to everyone who suffers sepsis. love u dad miss u.

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