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Diana Morlang

Diana Morlang

Exactly four years ago I became sick with sepsis. I was taken to an urgent care who said they could find nothing wrong with me and then my blood pressure began dropping drastically and I was transported to the hospital.

I was in the emergency room on a bed when I started seizing. I have no memory of the first ten days of my stay in the hospital. My kidneys started shutting down and then my liver. My family was told that I was not going to survive. However, I am a fortunate surviver.

After, spending a couple of weeks in the hospital, my journey was just beginning. I was sent to many specialists and physicians trying to find the cause of my illness. I had no warning signs other than just not feeling good. My husband took me serious enough to have taken me to the medical facilities. A cause of the sepsis was never found.

As I was recovering I had physical therapy especially for my right arm. I was unable to lift it up at all to begin with and slowly but surely was able to use again after a couple of months. The biggest after affect was to my cognitive short term memory. I am able to remember my past but my short term has been permanently damaged. I often forget what was said to me and I repeat myself. With the support of my family and a neurologist that I still see I am able to function on a daily basis and have even been able to hold a job.
I depend on the Sepsis Alliance for their continual research and information that is given to people who are sepsis survivors. I am incredibly grateful all that they have done and continue to do.

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