Diana L.


It started with a urinary tract infection I did not even know I had. (Sepsis and Urinary Tract Infections) That weekend, I lost my appetite and was extremely tired. I went to urgent care the next day, where I was given antibiotics for the UTI. The day after, I felt worse, and went to the ER, where I was given a blood transfusion, along with other medications. I was asked if I wanted to admit to the hospital, and I though the medication would work, so I went home.

After 2 days, I woke up one morning and was very short of breath, very weak and confused. I was rushed to ER by ambulance, where I was admitted and put in the PCU unit for 4 days, then transferred to regular care for another 2 days. Arriving to the ER was so scary, I had never had loss of breath, and I was so scared. It is now close to 7 months later. I had a lot of hair loss, depression and many flashbacks of the hospital stay. Even beeping sounds that resemble the beeping of the hospital machines can trigger me. am scared all the time that it can return.

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