Debby Hall


In February 2015, I was diagnosed with sepsis and nearly lost my life. Several days before I was admitted to the hospital, I had gotten a paper cut and soon after developed flu-like symptoms. After seeing a doctor who treated me for the flu, I developed a very high fever and became weak and dehydrated. My husband felt it was more than the flu. Fortunately, he rushed me to the ER where they immediately started doing tests.

They soon discovered I had sepsis from a strep infection due to the paper cut. Shortly after that, my organs started shutting down. I had to go on dialysis. And they started vasopressors. After weeks in the ICU, I started to recover. However, due to the vasopressors, two of my fingers and all of my toes turned black. My fingers had to be amputated, but my toes were saved after 120 hours in a hyperbaric chamber. I am so grateful to be alive and share my story. I only hope people can become more aware of the symptoms of sepsis so more lives can be saved.


Sepsis and Group A Strep

Sepsis and Group B Strep