Debbi Geren


I was found crumpled down on our floor in the bedroom. My husband apparently tried to rouse me to get me up. When he was unable to, he went out to the living room and asked our 16-year-old son to try. Our son told dad, You need to call 911! This happened in mid-March.

An ambulance came and took me to our local hospital. 4 hours later, I was LifeFlighted to a bigger hospital to continue my life saving care. I was totally out of it, with no awareness for quite a while. Fully diagnosed with meningitis B, sepsis and septic shock, influenza, etc. I was intubated with a gastrointestinal feeding tube and a tracheostomy. (Again, I have absolutely no memory or awareness of these or any surgical procedures – thankfully, with no memory of the pain either!).

My first real memory was prior to Mother’s Day in a rehabilitation hospital in a town close to my home. My memory and awareness was coming back!
I learned I had been in 3 hospitals, receiving different care in each! Now I was wheelchair bound, doing therapies daily. I used walkers and canes during therapy. I was being offered a spot in a Mentis Inpatient Neurological Rehabilitation Facility, in a dorm/house like setting.

My stubbornness wanted out of any inpatient like setting! I just wanted to go home!!! I knew what had happened to me but it wasn’t real like, so I couldn’t accept it!! Finally, to make my family happy, I finally agreed. It was the best choice for me!! I received all the therapies I needed in the perfect environment! Within two plus months (I think) I finally got to go home!
I received some outpatient therapies but that didn’t last! It was now about 9 months past the initial onset date. I lost my job, where I had been prior to my sepsis hospitalization. Not a big deal, as I was unable to do my previous level of work as an infant childcare provider! However, I am now without a regular paycheck and affordable insurance!

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