Debbi Geren


3/17/18- Family wondered where I was, my son found me on the floor in my bedroom unresponsive. 911 was called, even though we only live like 1/4 mile from our hospital. Within four hours of being admitted, I boarded a Lifeflight helicopter and I was flown to a larger San Antonio hospital for specialized intensive care. I was intubated and pretty sure I was comatose for 3-5 weeks!

I’ve been told that I was responding somewhat at an earlier date, however my first memory was on Mother’s Day at a rehab hospital! I had already had the trach and g-tube removed with no memories of either! At this time, I was wheelchair bound, participating in speech, occupational, physical and neurological therapy! I was transferred, using a walker, to a speciality center based therapy facility, very homelike! It is important to know that 30 years ago, when I was just 16, I suffered a traumatic brain injury but I was in denial about my limitations from that! I hadn’t yet been given the chance to grow up and be an adult! So I fought to work, but I could only find work in the childcare field. I have now filed for SSDI and after a 18 month battle. I was found fully favorable. I still suffer from short term memory loss, anxiety, balance issues which affects mobility.

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