Daniel Sheppard


My 23-year-old son died of sepsis on the 18th January 2018. We had all had the flu so thought that’s all it was. (Sepsis and Influenza) He started saying he couldn’t see properly on the Monday but we put it down to the cold in his eyes. He slept on and off all day and night Monday. Tuesday he was talking weird. He wasn’t making sense in a lot of things he said. At one point he got upset as he said his computer mouse wasn’t working and when I looked he was holding a fruit shoot bottle but he thought it was his mouse.

He hadn’t had a drink in over 12 hours and I kept begging him to just have a few sips of some orange juice but he wouldn’t. He fell asleep again Tuesday afternoon but when he awoke Tuesday night, I knew immediately something was wrong. His words were now slurred. He was rushed to hospital in the early hours of Wednesday morning and doctors turned his machines off Thursday morning, 10.30am. He was unconscious before he had even got into the ambulance and never came round again. I miss him so much my only son and the guilt is eating me alive.

Source: Nicki Sheppard, Mother

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