Curtis Durham


We lost Curtis Von Durham due to sepsis on 12/21/2018. He became ill by a flesh eating infection called necrotizing fasciitis. (Sepsis and Necrotizing Fasciitis)

He said he wasn’t feeling well one night before bed, similar to the flu. He developed chills. Felt warm but had no fever. Symptoms were mild and nothing that you would worry about. He didn’t come back from the restroom the next morning and I found him face down and passed out. I dialed 911 and by the time the ambulance arrived, he was awake and in non specific pain. His blood pressure was falling. He began to turn red and started demanding water, then became combative, begging for help with pain.

He began to develop black spots of dead tissue then sepsis started. He went from normal and talking to dying in less than 24 hours. His blood pressure went very low then he started to leak water from his skin because his kidneys had stopped functioning and his body quit making urine. His heart became blocked and his blood pressure was too low for surgery or dialysis. We put him in a medical coma to prevent damage to his lungs and tried surgery to remove his blockage in attempt to save his life. He was a fighter who never cried and surprised everyone when he made it through each procedure against all odds. A delay to surgery that removed his blockage caused irreversible damage to his heart and left him with 20%, so he was taken off life support and given morphine until he passed away. Sepsis is a very serious condition that affects even strong adults and can lead to death very quickly. It is extremely important to seek immediate medical attention if you suspect sepsis. We think about him every day and wish we could have done more to save his life. This is a tribute to you, Curtis Von Durham. You are loved and missed.

Source: Kandi Cook - spouse