Crystal Sizeland

Crystal Sizeland

My 35-year old-daughter Crystal become ill with the flu on Monday, Feb 29th. I received a phone call at 3:30am with her telling me she couldn’t breathe & her chest was hurting her. I told her to call 911 & I met her at the hospital. We were back home by 6am with the diagnoses of influenza A. (Sepsis and Influenza) Crystal was given Tamiflu. At 3:20pm she called me stating she wanted me to come to her house.

I spent the night, she vomited a lot during the night. The next morning March 1st. at approximately 9am we went back to the hospital. Crystal was now also diagnosed with double pneumonia. (Sepsis and Pneumonia) Crystal was put in ICU & at 1am on Tuesday March 2nd, they intubated my daughter to help her breathe. She never came out of that.

On Friday, March 4th she was sent to University of Michigan by helicopter. All along the doctors kept telling us she was very ill but that she will be ok. That she is 35, young, healthy. We had a long road ahead of us but they believe she will make it. Well her organs were shutting down & she was septic. On March 5th, 2016 they were getting ready to start dialysis on her kidneys & when they turned her over in bed (she was on her stomach), her heart stopped!!!! The doctors worked on her for 20 min but at 10:22am she went home to be with JESUS!!! I had never even heard of sepsis until my daughter got it….WE NEED MORE AWARENESS!!!!! God bless y’all

Source: Pamela Silverthorn - Mother

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