Corey Cocke


After 4 weeks of illness from covid 19 and getting sicker by the day..I laid down to take a nap. Woke up shaking, colder than I’d ever been. After about 10 mins of trying to get warm my family called 911. Took the ER about 36 hour too figure out I had sepsis. (Sepsis and COVID-19)

I lost consciousness in route to ER. Took 5 days for me even realize I was still alive. Days 1 through 4 I was given 10% chance of survival. Been home 7 weeks now. Already had a relapse of leg infection. And wondering if I will ever completely recover……Listen to your body. And you have to advocate for your self with these doctors. I knew something was seriously wrong a week before ER visit, but I let primary care, scheduling me for another week. AND SHOULD HAVE WENT TO ER THAT DAY.

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