Cindy Thompson


I had been suffering a kidney infection that wouldn’t respond to antibiotics. I have suspected Fowler’s Syndrome and bilateral vesicoureteral reflux. At the time I was self catheterising due to inability to empty my bladder. (Sepsis and Invasive Devices) Then one evening the infection took over.

I don’t remember much after that apart from being roused from being unconscious on the kitchen floor by some paramedics. My husband had got up in the early hours of the morning to see why I hadn’t returned to bed. I was rushed to hospital and spent over 7 hours in resus due to my blood pressure being so low and temperature so high. I was admitted for 8 days for IV antibiotics which cleared the infection. It was a close call as I had gone into septic shock and it all happened within hours! But thanks to my husband, the First Responders, the Paramedics and the NHS I made a good recovery. I now live with a permanent suprapubic catheter which so far has kept what infections I still have in my bladder. I’m one of the lucky ones.