Cindy Parise


I was initially diagnosed with a UTI and placed on an antibiotic after not feeling well after a work trip. (Sepsis and Urinary Tract Infections) I kept getting worse and by day 3 I had to crawl to the shower and got in with my clothes on. My husband realized something was very wrong and immediately took me to the ED and I was diagnosed with sepsis.

Over the course of 2 years, this happened 3 more times, with each episode being worse than the last. The doctors didn’t know why and I tried to go on with my life knowing I could become critically Ill at any time. I finally pushed to see a bile duct specialist in a large academic hospital because I felt it was the cause of my misery. Within 5 minutes, he diagnosed me with recurrent biliary sepsis and came up with a plan. An ERCP removed a bile duct stone, and I’ve had no more episodes. I’m so thankful for such a caring and smart doctor. I want to help others who may have an experience like mine. You must be your own advocate, ask questions, and get another opinion if you don’t feel comfortable.

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