Christina O.

Christina O.

Hello I’m a 29-year-old female who had hospital associated MRSA in my lungs. (Sepsis and MRSA) In 2016 I was struggling with emotional issues from a domestic violent relationship. One night I could not take it anymore and tried to end my life. I was found by my family and ended up on life support. After I not sure how long I was breathing on my own and taken off life support, only to find out now I was battling MRSA and they have tried over 10 courses of action and none have worked.

I was still struggling with what I was going through before I did what I did. And now I confused and struggling with the aftermath of my bad choice and was MRSA going to take my life? After 5 weeks and many medications, MRSA lost. But maybe it really didn’t lose because today, one year later, it still plays a factor in my life. I am not the same person I used to be.

Before leaving the hospital I was uneducated about MRSA and the hospitals don’t really tell you much, they just give medicine and send you on your way ,not prepare you for life after it, let alone guide you to where you can find the information. I have been noticing memory loss and have tried to think of where to look all over the internet, but nothing until today. Thank you by the way.

PSS describes what I’ve been trying to tell the doctors just didn’t know what it was or if there was a name for it. (Sepsis and Post-Sepsis Syndrome) I’ve always had the the best memory. In fact I had a photographic memory that paid my way through college. So not remembering dates that are important or events is depressing. I was in school before I got MRSA but have dropped out as I could not remember the what I read on the page I just read, making studying hard and a waste, as no matter what I did I would not remember. So you see MRSA changing your life because you change. So I’m always concerned about it coming back.

3 weeks ago I got a sinus infection and went to urgent Care. I was given medicine. It didn’t work I went back and again expressing my concern about MRSA and my history. They just look at me as if I’m crazy. I only seem to be getting worse as the days pass. What do I do so they listen to me and at least just run a test to make sure? But most importantly thank you Sepsis Alliance for your information and showing me I’m not alone and what I am experiencing may be the long term effect of MRSA. And letting me know there is a name for it. PSS.
May you all have faith and hope that better days will come.

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