Cathy N.


In 2016 I was healthy working 2 jobs, riding horses and living a normal busy life. One night at work I went from running around at work to barely able to stand within 2 hrs. I left work early and barely made it home.

That evening my body shook vigorously as if I was chilled. I had an abnormally low temp. I blacked out sometime within the night but had managed to get a call out to a friend. The next morning that friend called waking me up (passed out on the floor) ended up taking me to the ER where I believed I just had a bit of the flu. I collapsed at the entrance of the ER. Was admitted immediately as my body was still convulsing. I ended up having such a severe kidney infection that had gone septic and was told my organs were shutting down. They had to give such high doses of powerful pain meds to control my pain.

After 5 days I begged to get out and go home. I went from 120 lbs to 105. I had and continue to have severe joint pain, kidney issues and fatigue. Unfortunately as much as I try to overcome the daily pain I feel like it is getting worse and not sure anything will help but I refuse to allow it to debilitate me.

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