Caroline Pennington


My wife Caroline has been suffering with illness for a couple years now. Hard to say when it started but really showed symptoms in the past few years. Started with losing mobility in her hand. She was a medical massage therapist, one of the best, and had to quit working. Countless doctor visits with just as many tests. All tests coming back with no explanation of why this was happening.

Needless to say my wife was losing hope. Symptoms were getting worse. Her right foot started having the same problem as her hand. Digestive issues and constant pain were plaguing her. A lot of trips to the emergency room where her blood pressure is through the roof killing her. Only to be turned loose cause they can not find anything wrong. Discouraging! I can’t imagine what she was going through. She stayed strong even without a support group cheering her on.

Fast forward to almost present day. Caroline was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and non specific mitochondrial disease. No cures or magic pharmaceutical pill to fix these. She took it upon herself to go the natural way since modern medicine made her worse. Healthy eating, exercise, natural supplements, and essential oils helped the most. She helped herself more than the doctors.

Fast forward again to present day. Caroline has infection coming out of wherever it can. Blood work coming back with a high blood cell count. Doctor and nurses blowing it off as normal. Caroline after already battling the medical community did not accept this. Finally got her primary doctor to listen and got diagnosed with a fungal infection of the blood. (Sepsis and Fungal Infections) Was this the reason for all the problems she has been having? So many questions finally answered!? Well today as I am typing this was her last day on antifungals. She is feeling some better but the damage is done unfortunately. We can only hope and pray that future treatments will continue to make her feel better.

So this story was for my wife, the strongest person I know. Her fight for her life and well being has been a struggle but she is not giving up. Never give up and continue the fight. Love ya wifey

Source: David Pennington, husband

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