Carol Moorehouse


My mom started getting sick I believe April/May 2011. She had type 2 diabetes so infection was always on our mind. (Sepsis and Diabetes) She has a significant head injury /trauma from in April 2011 that she didn’t pursue any treatment for. She was 73 years old. She developed significant lower back pain and had difficulty walking.

Presented to the ER twice within a month and was evaluated and sent home with pain medications for her back. My next contact with my mom I knew something was really wrong. She was not talking straight. I live 3000 miles away so contacted local EMT. They pegged her as having a stroke. But it really turned out to be sepsis. This was a difficult time and ended with her death in Nov 26 2011. Cause of death respiratory arrest, infectious emboli, sepsis. Lost my best friend. She was a strong person, so sad that the signs of sepsis and the opportunity to save her was lost. There is of course much more to this story. Fast forward to 3 months ago, I was dizzy, short of breath, bad lower back and groin pain. Put on steroids, suppressed the symptoms. Developed sepsis. ER visit, antibiotics, kidney failure, not sure I’m fully recovered. 57 years old. I was reliving my moms nightmare. All I can think about now is dying and missing out on the life I have worked so hard for.

Source: Linda, Daughter

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